Great that you’ve found us, because we are also looking for you. We are continuously looking for qualified and competent crew members for our managed fleet. Download the registration form, fill it in and send it back to us. Thank you for applying. 

Conautic Maritime Inc., is a duly licensed manning agency in the Philippines. Conautic believes in   commitment, honesty, dedication and a sense of responsibility.  Our management team has been involved in the recruitment and deployment of crew overseas for years.    

Conautic is a good employer

The realization of the 3W’s “we source, we employ, we develop” makes us known to the maritime industry.  We are trying to promote a sustainable development through reaching out to the maritime community. We maintain interrelationships, connections and interactions between people.

Conautic distinguishes from other Employers

We ensure that crew and client expectation are achieved. Our day to day tasks are carried out with greatest effort, perseverance, determination, and hard-work. A non-stop continuously improvement in everything that we do helps us in turning our vision into reality.

Conautic has great opportunities

Conautic is always ready when it comes to opening doors to new opportunities. We believe that having a good system, shared knowledges and experiences are our powerful tool. We are pro-active in our approach, we continue learning and we set achievable goals.