The Philippines is the world’s third greatest English speaking nation and is responsible for, and contributing the majority of seafarers to the Global shipping industry. The Philippines has a considerable number of reputable maritime academies, and an impressive graduation rate. Like no other country in the world Human resources management in the Philippines is strictly governed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

It is the home base of Conautic Maritime Inc.


  • Conautic Maritime Inc. is a distinguished duly POEA licensed manning agent based in the center of the manning capital Manila. Management and staff have over 20 years of experience in the manning industry and have a strong European influence and mindset. The company has a worldwide client base with a main concentration of principles in Western Europe.
  • The recruitment and crewing process is strictly executed in compliance with POEA rules & regulations and is accredited by DNV-GL to the standard of ISO 9001: 2015 and CMO.
  • The operational process is being handled through state-of-the-art database software which interacts with client and crew.
  • Skilled, well-trained and experienced crew.

Occupational health & safety management;

  • Managing of maritime occupational health for seafarers in the Philippines is complex and a challenging matter. The shipping market in general and the Philippine in particular is still growing while, standards, rules and regulations towards occupational health have become more demanding and pressing. Proper management of risks and exposure is required. The wellness of crew during sickness, accident and repatriation as well as proper case management, fidelity of records and files are essential. Over the years Conautic Maritime Inc. (CMI) has maintained an excellent OH&S and loss time accident record.
  • The Conautic Group is an initiator in the joint venture with Anker insurance. They are mutually holding interest in Arbo International Manila. For further information we refer to Clients of the Conautic Group are covered with the full package of aimoncrew.