Our mission as an international maritime labor specialist, is to source, to develop and to provide quality crew to the maritime industry and to give opportunity to the next generation of seafarers.


We provide our clients with the highest level of  services. Our organization and  processes are continuously measured, evaluated and improved. We learn from yesterday and strive to be ahead of tomorrow. The  interest and well-being of people, safety and the environment is of great concern to us.

Human Resources in International shipping has many challenging angles and demands

The Conautic Group is an equal opportunity employer  operating to the highest ethical and business standards in the industry.

  • The staff and key players in the company are active in the maritime industry for over 25 years and re-branded their co-operation to Conautic Group in 2007.
  • The Conautic Group has offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Russia, the Netherlands and UAE, having a European management style and mindset.
  • The activities ranges from all aspects of crew-management to international payroll services and international occupational health and safety services.
  • The Conautic Group provides services to the oil and gas industry, has the management of tankers, bulk and dry cargo vessels.
  • Conautic employs happy crew with high retention ratio.

‘At the Conautic Group we speak your language and identify with your challenges’